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Positivity through creativity

I produce artwork to promote mindfulness and positive mental wellbeing. From affirmation paintings to mindfulness colouring-in gift sets, I focus on bringing distinct designs with symbolism and meaning that help to realign and reframe negative thoughts, producing positivity through creativity.

The definition of mindfulness is a ‘mental state achieved by focussing one’s awareness on the present moment’. Similar to meditation, mindfulness helps us to concentrate on the present, rather than going back over the past or imaging a future. This helps reduce stress, brings insight and awareness and can spark innovation and creative thoughts.





The meaning behind my artwork

As a long time yoga enthusiast many of my paintings draw on an aspect of yoga, and has an affirmation painted into the piece (an affirmation is a personal statement to encourage positive thinking, calmness and clarity). The painting can then be used as a reminder of the intention that has been set in the affirmation, as a meditation aid or just something that looks good and beautiful on a wall. My mindfulness colouring-in sets have been developed to help settle your awareness in the present.

Getting to know you

First we talk so that I really understand what you want from this artwork. What is your intention? What kind of visual imagery represents and resonates with you? We discuss colours, symbolism, even where the artwork will be positioned.

Developing a concept

Following on from your consultation I bring together all elements of our discussion and create an ideas board or a simple pencil drawing to show the composition of the painting or illustration.

Creating your artwork

When you are happy with the concept, I will then create your unique artwork, incorporating your own affirmation or intention statement to the canvas before applying the paint.

Ready to hang in your home or office

You will receive photographs of your finished piece where we can then make the last any final tweaks to the painting prior to despatch.

Colouring in

Gift sets, greetings cards, wrapping paper. Enhance your mindfulness, live in the moment, restore your inner calm and de-stress with New Dawn Creative’s colouring-in merchandise.

Colouring gifts sets includes:

  • 1 colouring in gift box so you can make your box your own
  • 52 colouring in and happiness journal cards
  • 1 cotton pencilcase
  • 12 coloured pencils and a metal sharpener

Gift sets starting from £19.50 inc VAT


Affirmation paintings

Many of my paintings draw on aspects of yoga practices and have an affirmation written onto the blank canvas prior to painting. The painting can then be used as a reminder of the intention that has been set, as a meditation aid or just to look good on the wall.

  • Symbolism and meaning from mindfulness practices
  • Primed white canvas stretched over wood frame
  • Painted using acrylic paints, including reflective metalic paint
  • Available in a range of sizes

Starting from £55 inc VAT


Bespoke paintings

Your intention, your mind, your way – your painting. With my ability to read and understand people, to capture their true essence, means that I can create an exceptional bespoke artwork personal to you or your business.

I work with you to understand..

  • your affirmation or positive intention
  • your own symoblism or meaning
  • your choice of colours
  • your selection from a range of canvas sizes

Starting from £235 inc VAT