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I'm Rebecca Harling, founder and owner of New Dawn Creative, I work with companies and business leaders across all sectors, as well as individuals and families, helping them with their growth and development through creativity.

I have a rare combination of being a strategic thinker with a practical approach to processes as well as being an experienced designer, creative professional and artist.

I am passionate about the power of creativity and innovation, the strength of collaborative working and getting under the skin of what is really needed to achieve your goals.



“I am a creative thinker, a strategic business consultant, a graphic designer, artist and illustrator. I promote creativity and positivity by understanding people and what makes them unique"



Why I do what I do

I have a long and successful track record of running my own business. However, I began to realise that I was losing touch with who I was. My focus was always on strategy and looking after my team. I was so intent on their wellbeing that I lost sight of my own.

Realising what was happening, I went on a journey to reconnect with myself – and to find out what really made me tick. And I rediscovered that my passion lay in creativity and innovation.

As Nina Simone sang, “It’s a new dawn, It’s a new day, It’s a new life for me, and I’m feeling good.” And so New Dawn Creative was born of a need to reconnect with the creativity that went all the way back to my formative years – where I would spend hours painting and creating, pulling pop-up books apart to find out how they worked. Channelling that living in the moment creativity and linking it to the strategic thinker, artist and designer that I have become now provides the perfect balance for me and for my clients.

I love working with people, to understand them and to discover what makes them unique. I bring that passion and belief in the power of creativity to help individuals and companies grow and develop.

Branding & marketing

I work closely with companies with high growth aspirations, to support them to grow and develop with a strong brand strategy, purpose and identity. I become part of the team, working together to understand the values at the heart of the company and how to communicate and connect with their ideally customer.

Weddings & celebrations

We live a life time of days, but some are more special than others. I believe that these days deserve to be celebrated with unique designs. I take the time to get to know you and create a design that represents something special to you, your family and friends.

Creativity workshops

I work with groups and individuals with workshops for business growth and wellbeing to help with team building, communication, encouraging innovation and alternative ways of thinking.

Painting & illustrations

As an artist, illustrator and designer I create positivity and mindfulness through my artwork – whether this is for my own range of products or bespoke personal commissions.

Flower Collection Happiness Journal Colouring Cards Gift Set

Flower Collection Happiness Journal Colouring Cards Gift Set

Flower Collection Positive Affirmation Colouring Cards Gift Set

Flower Collection Positive Affirmation Colouring Cards Gift Set

Mandala Collection Positive Affirmation Colouring Cards Gift Set

Mandala Collection Positive Affirmation Colouring Cards Gift Set


Balance your mind with mindfulness colouring in

Express your creativity and balance your mind with mindfulness colouring practices. My colouring in designs have been developed to support a reflective process, helping to reduce stress and anxiety, encouraging personal growth.


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