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A Strategic and Creative Business Consultant

Rebecca Fahy is the founder and owner of New Dawn Creative and works with companies and business leaders across all sectors, helping them with their growth and development.

Rebecca has that very rare combination of being a strategic thinker with a practical and methodical approach to business processes as well as being a talented designer, creative professional and artist.

She has helped hundreds of businesses to create and develop memorable brand identities to help them flourish.


Rebecca’s love for all things creative go right back to her formative years, where she would spend hours at the dining table painting and creating. With an innate curiosity for how things work, she would dismantle pop up books to understand the mechanics of it all. Why is this relevant? What Rebecca learned from being curious, and what she now conveys to her clients is that the devil is in the detail: “measure twice, cut once”. The key here is that it’s about so much more than making things look good. This is about getting underneath the skin of what is really needed to achieve the goals for growth. It’s about challenging the accepted wisdom. It’s about understanding that innovation and creativity is critical to the development and implementation of solid and robust strategies. And for that you need someone working with you who is passionate not only about being creative but also about capturing this passion to support your business.

New Dawn Creative has expertise that has been carefully nurtured and crafted over the last two decades. Founder, Rebecca Fahy, has a long and successful track record of supporting businesses with their growth. Previously, this involved providing direct mail and specialist creative hand fulfilment services for large scale corporate mailings, often involving millions of items. Anything that needed designing and hand-crafting to be mailed, then Rebecca and her team of 50 staff at Jigsaw CCS were the “go to” company. Alongside this, Rebecca worked with marketing agencies and corporate clients to help with their branding, graphic design and strategic business development. The advent of New Dawn Creative has seen Rebecca expanding the service provision to offer coaching, consultancy and training. The unique Crazy Jam workshops are designed to unlock the potential of leaders and managers, while the graphic design, branding and consultancy support offers a blended approach to strategic and creative marketing.

New Dawn’s expertise is also backed by qualifications that offer a unique blend of business strategy, consultancy and coaching, and creative marketing support. We are excellent at what we do, and we have invested a lot of time and effort learning how to excel. When you combine this with our passion and creativity, you know you are in safe hands.


Certificate in Therapeutic Art for Coaching (2020)
Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring (2015)
Certificate in Workplace Psychology (2013)


MBA Advanced Business Strategy (2019)
Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses (2014)


BA (hons) Graphic Design (1999)

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